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((True story))

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New Bioshock Infinite trailer!

Check out this all-new BioShock Infinite gameplay voted for by the Irrational Facebook community! See more of the streets (and skies) of Columbia, new ways to use your Sky-Hook and how Elizabeth can be your wingman in combat.

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Gaming of Thrones House Sigils

The Great Houses of Gamestoros receive their own house sigils and mottos in this series from Dorkly. In the Video Game of Thrones you either win…. or you press start to continue. 

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House Jam! Aww, so many quarters spent playing NBA Jam at the pizza place near my high school. That’s awesome.

This has been your daily dose of “Devin’s nostalgia”. Carry on.



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A Historical Smackdown (via Newsarama):

Here’s a ridiculously awesome concept for a game that sadly has yet to come to pass. It imagines a historical fighter where you can square off famous leaders of the past. Here we see a laser sword/pistol wielding George Washington fighting a jet-fist powered Hitler.

You can imagine other players that we could see here as well.

- Lincoln with his Axe

- Churchill with E. Honda sumo moves

- Genghis Khan with scimtars

- Ghandi with Dhalsim moves

- Kim Jong Il with poorly functioning rockets

You get the idea. Add your own in the comments.

[still hunting for artist]



Shoryuken IRL

Life Imitates Video Games.



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Behold! The Chimichanga! // Website Screenshot


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ahahahah adventure time awesomeness

ahahahah adventure time awesomeness


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