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The original new mutants by Art Adams



01.  The Demon Queen of Limbo.

MARCH IS THE MIGHTY MONTH OF MARVEL!  One new character from the Marvel Multiverse every day.  To kick it off I give you… Magik.  Badass younger sister of Colossus, sometime Demon Queen to the malefic hordes of Limbo, occasional Dark Goddess of the Phoenix Force.  Always fearsome to behold.

This image ended up being a little more J-horror than I’d expected, but that’s what I get for continuing to dress the X-men in prep school uniforms.

If you’d like to see a particular dude or dudette from the mighty pages of Marvel comics, feel free to Ask Me.


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Uncanny X-Men #4 by Chris Bachalo


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magik_by_2ngaw from deviantart

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Vote for your favorite Avengers or X-Men character in the AvX: Face-Off app!  

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Oh hi there! Thanks Judy!

Obviously Magick would win this fight, even without the Phoenix Force possessing her, but Spider-Woman wins from pure fabulousness. I mean, look at the super-pits! Not every hero can pull off that look.



“We lost Thor.”



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Avengers VS X-Men #6 Preview


Avengers VS X-Men #6 Cover


Avengers VS X-Men Phoenix Five 

Avengers VS X-Men Phoenix Five 


Daniel Govar’s New Mutants Collection

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Note: Artist Daniel Govar (winner of our recent Aquaman: Sea Change contest) has taken his mind and drawing hand to the second generation of Marvel’s X-Men, the New Mutants. This are characters close to Daniel’s heart as well as more than a few fans, and these innovative designs are a testament to that. – Chris A.

Cannonball was the first in my doodles where I think I nailed down the idea for the uniformity in each of the costumes. I wanted them all to have a unique quality that spoke to their region, in cut and style, but also retain the group motifs. For Cannonball – I knew I wanted greys and blacks for his colors, and played around with a few round shapes and patterns early on, abandoning those for something that bespoke “speed”. I remember turning tight in the comic was always an issue for him, and thought retractable tail-fins would work. The military bar strips at the top of his flight jacket I thought were just to touch to say “leader.”

This was actually the first I did. Thought the tattoo version the best way to preserve the uniform look of her character when she was all flamed up. In her orange and red outfit- I wanted something off the shoulder so her tat was visible, and thought the curves and peaks in the boots, top, and bottom were nods to her fiery nature.

I wanted her costume to truly function – the idea being that the lower portion of her costume peels back when she transforms, to either side and she has a place for her shoes as well. Again, I wanted to keep the duo-tone leathery look as a constant, but with Irish nods – braids, knotwork in belt and top… This one is one of my favorites.

Bobby – coming from money, I figured would have the nicest threads. I also saw him as slightly detached from the others – not having any particular buddy or pal. I originally gave him an all white loose-fitting uniform, with an X badge belt-buckle, but the more I thought about him the more I pictured posturing wrestlers. I tried going for an ornate version of a WWE belt. I gave though to giving him an “X” tattoo as with Magma, only inverted – sort of the yin-yang of each other, but abandoned that idea.

Her outfit was probably the toughest for me to wrap my head around. She has such a mish-mash of styles going on by default with the Eldritch armor, and demon portions – bringing in her own identity – was hard without going too far one way. The badge/communicator X and the duo-tone leathery motifs being the pieces that married her to group. I tried to give what was there of the cut and blade style to be Russian with a twist.