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Our Sailor Avengers group worn at Katsucon ‘13

Sailor Loki : Adrienne - What’s Shakin’ Bacon Cosplay

Sailor Sif : Sarah - Lake Fairy Creations

Sailor Thor - Kaitlyn - Oh Mocha Frappe

Sailor Hawkeye - Nicole

Photo in Collaboration by - Otaku-Haven and A.G.Vask

Costumes based on the artwork by - nna.deviantart

Submitted by amrumley




Call me beep me if you wanna reach me.


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Crossover time!

Kinda inspired by this post.


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Finding out about Hawkeye’s 70’s miniskirt costume is one of my favorite things that has ever happened to me.


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Woops, getting behind on commissions! I’m powering through, I promise. This one is for starkexpos, who asked for Clint and Coulson! (This is the first of three Clint/Coulson commissions)


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Jeremy Renner on Saturday Night Live

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Hawkeye #8 cover | David Aja



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spidey will never ask a ride again from red hulk

…i could web a backpack and we could do a luke/yoda thing, or…

…you can pretend you’re my abusive boyfriend...?