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12.  The Sorcerer Supreme

I think I could really get into drawing a Dr. Strange story if it were less Doctor, more Strange.  Weird is my favorite thing to draw.

The Mighty Month of Marvel CONTINUES!!!  Vote for your favorites to be featured.  And know that as you sleep, the fragile fabric that separates our world from UNFATHOMABLE HORRORS is kept in place by none other than… DOCTOR STRANGE!!!!


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What d’ya know, it’s Cosplay Appreciation Day! I don’t want to hear another thing about a certain jilted comic artist - I want to focus on some highlights.

These are some of my friends, in some of my favorite shots of them. It was hard to choose out my favorite and post only one! I should start to spotlight my friends, cause I’m lucky to have some mega talented friends.

Gross sobbing. I love Bellechere. I love these people. I love cosplay. I LOVE EVERYONE.


stryfe, the super-adaptoid and angela!!! amazing



Valkyrie comes back from death to defeat Sin, The Red Skull.

Stephen:. Nine worlds…nine worlds for the spoiling… And eight weapons…ripped from the sky… Eight weapons of purpose…eight weapons to give birth to the ninth… But for eight weapons there are eight riders…and I ninth rider to cast the Serpent’s Destroyer down. Valkyrie, please… Come back to us. And bring with you—ice and death.
Brunn: Sin! I cast aside death… I cast aside peace… I cast aside eternity! I usher the banished shield maidens back to Midgard! They’ve come for your hammers! but I’ve come for you! We’re not finished, you and I. I want you to understand that I pity you. You thought you knew your destiny…when the hammers fell…when the Serpent awoke…you believed the skein of your life had taken shape. You were wrong, and for that I pity you. But I’m still going to send you screaming straight to hel! Once you get there you can cry on your father’s shoulder!

— From Fear Itself: The Fearless #12 by Cullen Bunn, art by Paul Pelletier & Mark Bagley


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Introducing Allen and Mary as Dr. Strange and Clea Strange! Allen and Mary are both based out of Georgia and are heavily involved with the Cosplay/Costuming community, specifically the Super Hero Costuming Forum. Photography by Ljinto.

Interested in possibly being spotlighted too? Head over to Judy’s blog post for more information: 

Marvel’s use of all photos are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’s Second Annual Costoberfest: a month long celebration of cosplay & costuming featuring profiles, photos, news articles, events and more!

Every day, starting October 1st, we will pick a cosplayer or costumer to profile on Marvel’s Facebook and twitter. If you’re interested in possibly being spotlighted, head over to Judy’s blog post:

Marvel’s use of all photos are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For More Costoberfest Images, head over to our gallery on Facebook!

cosplayed by LoganAllenWolf (Dr. strange) and twinklebat (Clea)


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More Baltimore Comic Con goodness: Awesome dude cosplayers edition! This is a follow-up to a previous post, this time I thought I’d highlight how many amazing guys there were at this con. Such great work from all of you! 

The only tumblr I know of from the batch is my awesome friend X-force, and Breast Cancer awareness deadpool, FOLLOW HIM!  James Ryan (deadpool cosplay) The epic group shot is made up of members of the East Coast Avengers. Some pics were taken by Rodney Brown, and Chi-O

Nova, quasar and captain marvel in the first picture are wonderful *_*

pinkrangerpool rules :D



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Rule 63 Dr. Strange cosplayed by commanderholly, photographed by LJinto (via Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Coolness: Image Avalanche)

Rule 63 Dr. Strange cosplayed by commanderholly, photographed by LJinto (via Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Coolness: Image Avalanche)


PointOne 1 Cover Adam Kubert




Doctor Strange by Terry Dodson [ Defenders ]



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 Joel Carroll awesome redesigns, Dr. strange FTW

(via P:R Regular Spotlight: Joel Carroll! | Project : Rooftop)