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From the art collection: Cyclops and Emma Frost by Marcio Takara.


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 Fleer Ultra X-Men 1995-Ultraprints Card

I have a lot of these still!



Alex is turning into the poster boy for the Avengers “We Really Care about Mutants” initiative.  If you look at his track record though, it is not hard to believe.

He served as both a high ranking Genoshan Magistrate, and then followed that up as the leader of the US government mutant face team.

The “M Word” is a joke.

I found this gem thanks too my buddy  CaptainTightPants, the artist is Stephanie Lantry. You should check her out.


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The last pages of All New X-Men 8 & Uncanny X-Men 3, leaving the reader in the same place.


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Uncanny X-Men 3


This is the 1st time the Avengers’ culpability for the Phoenix 5, and the death of Charles Xavier has really been addressed since the beginning of Marvel Now. They don’t accept it too well. I especially got a kick out Clint initially being all ears, and being the first person to anger over it.

I have seen lots of frustration from Cyclops fans about the Avengers getting off without any accountability, and all shit being poured on Scott. This had to come from Cyclops. Here the statement has more power than any other place it could have come so far, and it took a little bit of time to move all the pieces in place. Sure, All New is at issue 8 right now, but we probably have less than a months their time since the death of Xavier at this point.

When he does make his statement, it is clear that he is throwing down the gauntlet. There is no turning back.

This is a wonderful time to be an X-Man fan, and maybe the best time ever to be a Cyclops fan. I remember the magic when Bendis first made the Avengers characters that I cared about. This is so much more. The youth and idealism of All New X-Men, against the stark cynism of Uncanny compliment each other so well.


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Everyone vs Cyclops

AvX 11

Olivier Coipel

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Fanart: The Red T-shirts - March 5, 2013

by ricken-art


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Marvel Now cyclops


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You ever see my X-Factor group? Beast is wearing flipflops because barefoot at cons is GROSS haha #jeangrey @marvel



Never forget.

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“Civil War X” by Darren Rawlings


The Black Queen by Chris Bachalo

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