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Rachel Summers—Phoenix by Andy Price


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Gender in Comics Taught in ‘Massively Open’ Online Class

From the hypermasculine bodies of the typical male superhero to the bondage motifs in Wonder Woman’s origins, mainstream comic books and gender have always had an interesting relationship, both for better and for worse. It’s a subject that continues to attract discussion and debate, and has inspired Ball State University’s “Gender Through Comic Books” class, a six-week “Massively Open Online Course” starting on April 2. It’s free to enroll, and open to absolutely anyone, though no credit is offered. Ads by Google Stampa FotoLibri OnlineScopri la qualità di Prink Stampe FotoLibri Foto e FotoGadget Publish A ComicFind Info on Comic Book Publishers. Your Business Solution Gratis USB Treccani.Chiedi info sulla Nuova Treccani. In regalo USB Classic Edition Christy Blanch, an adjunct professor and educational studies doctoral candidate at the Muncie, Indiana university, is teaching the course. She was a fan of comics since discovering Prince Valiant as a kid, but only recently considered bringing them to the classroom. “I never really thought about using [comic books] as teaching tools until I was teaching an anthropology course,” Blanch told Newsarama. “I was writing a lecture about culture change. At the time, I was reading Brian K. Vaughan’s Y the Last Man — and if you want to talk about culture change, wow. ENLARGE So Blanch made the Vertigo epic — where a plague kills every mammal with a Y chromosome, except for protagonist Yorkick and his monkey, Ampersand — part of her curriculum, though not without some initial skepticism. “My department wasn’t thrilled about it, but they figured out it worked,” Blanch said. “They knew I was kind of crazy anyway because I used Star Trek: The Next Generation to teach language, and of course Indiana Jones for archaeology. And Futurama. They know I use a lot of pop culture, because it engages the students, and they seem to learn from it. “You cannot deny the power that popular culture, comic books, movies, TV shows have over our views.” Y the Last Man led to incorporating other comics like The Walking Dead and Doctor Strange into her lectures, and she was eventually asked by Ball State to use comic books to teach a class on gender, which took place on campus last semester. That led to the upcoming “MOOC,” which Blanch says currently has nearly 5,0000 students enrolled from six different continents. “It just shows that people really do want education,” Blanch said of the response. They want to learn. They’re not getting credit for this, so this is something that they’re doing on their own. I think it’s amazing, and I am so proud of every single person that has registered for this class. I do not want to let any of them down.” Required reading for the class includes Action Comics #1, Action Comics #267, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Superman: Birthright, the first arc of Secret Six, Strangers in Paradise, Saga and Y the Last Man, which Blanch considers “a gender textbook.” Blanch has worked with Comixology to offer a special page for course material, and also secured the participation of high-profile creators and editors including Scott Snyder, Brian K.Vaughan, Mark Waid, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Terry Moore, Matt Fraction, Gail Simone, Stephen Wacker and Sana Amanat through either pre-recorded or interactive interviews. Stan Lee himself narrated a video promoting the course.

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One of DC’s sexiest Superheros mixed with one of the worlds sexiest sex icons. 

Power Marilyn


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You ever see my X-Factor group? Beast is wearing flipflops because barefoot at cons is GROSS haha #jeangrey @marvel



Never forget.

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The Punisher; by John Romita Jr.

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oh my god hahaha i’m going to cry


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Bet it happens every time people touch Diana’s magic lasso.


Bet it happens every time people touch Diana’s magic lasso.

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Wonder Woman Redesign by Rory Phillips

About this: “I have always thought Wonder Woman should look more like a warrior, and less like a pinup. The Amazons of Classical Greek lore were from the region of Scythia. I wanted her outfit to reflect that culture and be almost ceremonial.

Meteor Hammer: I know her lasso is one of her Icons. But it comes from the lurid pseudo-bondage themes of pulp comics, and is to pinup. So I modified it to an exotic warriors weapon, a Meteor Hammer, a length of rope with weighted ends, think Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill.

Death Mask: She needs a way to protect her identity, so I gave her a Ceremonial Amazon Death Mask she could wear into battle. It would be good for headbutting too.”



Babysitter Extraordinaire

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