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Uncanny X-Men #4 by Chris Bachalo


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The Black Queen by Chris Bachalo

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Upcoming cover for Wolverine and the X-Men (my guess is #17). Yes, the current Hellfire Club are mostly terrible, but I actually kind of like the psychopathic little girl with a penchant for dead animals. I agree though, that they don’t deserve to operate under that name.


Uncanny X_Men #2 by Chris Bachallo


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Cyclops’s redesign for the Uncanny relaunch by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo. Thoughts?

holy shit

look at magneto too



Lol Scott and Erik, but hey I think that’s Rachel in the corner so yay?


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The Punisher
 by Chris Bachalo

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Chris Bachalo


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chris bachalo’s promo image for when Generation X was going to come out - i got the full size poster scanned and it looks fan-FREAKING-tastic! i LOVE it! and lookit my lil jubes in the lower left corner. she’s so adorable. (before they ruined her by taking her powers away)

and p.s. whatever happened to Mondo?

At the time, in 1994 this miiiight have been the BIGGEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME.

A NEW #1, a NEW SERIES and NEW CHARACTERS? Coming along a year after I started reading X-Men comics? Whaaat???

So much love, so many memories.



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Gambit and Storm by Chris Bachalo.


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